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Leben & Co GmbH
Max-Reger-Straße 7
D-82335 Berg

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Development and production of shock reduction elements,
vibration absorbers and gas springs

Vibration Absorbers

(Detailed information concerning application and calculation can be found in the VDI-Richtlinie VDI 3833 Bl.1+2 - German Association of Engineers guideline.)

Single tube vibration absorber

Twin tube vibration absorber

Vibration absorbers are produced in several configurations:

Single Tube Vibration Absorber:

For traction absorption and pressure absorption at random mounting position.
The length of the model is increased to keep the diameter dimension at a minimum.

Twin tube Vibration Absorbers:

Suitable for traction absorption as well as pressure absorption. The preferred mounting position is vertical. Compared to single tube absorbers, the length is decreased, while the diameter is enlarged.

The absorption properties for both types can be progressive or digressive.

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Phone:+49 (0) 8151 5768
Fax:+49 (0) 8151 51892
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