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Leben & Co GmbH
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Development and production of shock reduction elements,
vibration absorbers and gas springs

COMPENSER® - Development and production of shock reduction elements, vibration absorbers and gas springs

Cable Railway

e.g.: COMPENSER® as an absorber for rotating pistons at the oscillating axle of a large cabin lift or as an absorbing element for ski lift handles.

Cable railway with pendular brake

e.g.: cabin suspension

The cabins of large cable railways start to swing lengthwise when rolling over the columns. For this reason, the speed has to be reduced significantly to prevent discomfort among passengers. The reduced speed results in longer transport periods and reduced transport capacity.

An absorber for rotating pistons is attached to the chassis to significantly reduce the swinging movement.

The speed does not have be reduced as much when rolling over the columns and the transport capacity of cable railway increases.

Final stop of cabin railways at the top and bottom stations
e.g. top and bottom stations.

During imprecise entering in top or bottom stations, the cable chassis may get into the rope lead or the cabin may not come to rest in the proper place.

An S-Series COMPENSER® is placed at the end of transport distance which brakes the chassis and positions it correctly with a return stroke.

The cabin comes to rest safely at the correct position. Electric monitoring of the position of the piston rod of the COMPENSER® is possible.

Absorption elements in ski lift bars
e.g. T-bar lifts

When using platter or T-bar lifts, the skier is pulled up by a platter or T-bar which is attached to a permanently moving rope. The T-bars or platters are attached to a rope with a roller device onto the moving lift rope. Depending on the roller device, which serves as an accelerator, pressure is exerted on the skier.

Integrating absorption springs in the T-bar.

Pressure-free starting of the skier is guaranteed.


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