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Leben & Co GmbH
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Development and production of shock reduction elements,
vibration absorbers and gas springs

COMPENSER® - Development and production of shock reduction elements, vibration absorbers and gas springs

Absorption Medium COMPENSOL®

The medium is used according to the required application in different consistencies under the name COMPENSOL®. We can provide the ideal medium, for use in well-tempered interiors, all the way to extreme high or low temperatures. The absorption properties can be adjusted to customer’s specifications.

For special applications, for instance for applications above 80° C or below - 40 °C, we use a paste-like dispersion. It is:

chemically:a solid dispersion
a non-Newtonian Bingham liquid with structural viscosity and visco-plastic properties

In a quiet state, this liquid seems almost solid and when forces are exerted onto it it becomes liquid. Once the force ceases, it returns to its original state.

It is paste, in exact terms a coagulative structure which changes its state under pressure. Thereafter, the structure returns to its original state (Thixotrophy). The viscosity is not a constant because of the interaction between particles. When little force is exerted, it cannot flow because the viscosity is infinite. Once a certain force is exerted (Bingham flow limit), the flowing starts. According to the consistence, structure-viscous behavior can occur right away that means, plastic behavior or structural viscosity enter Newtonian properties.


  • No unreliable absorption forces can arise, like with mineral oil.
  • COMPENSER® filled with a paste-like medium are maintenance-free and the medium cannot run out when seals leak.
  • The emergency function is always guaranteed.


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Phone:+49 (0) 8151 5768
Fax:+49 (0) 8151 51892
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